Spring Syllabus coming early

The following students have the goal of taking their Syllabus exam March 6-9, 2009:

A. Birkeland
C. Castaneda
Y. Harrison
R. Howerton
A. Llamas
D. Llamas
J. Logan
K. Lyman
A. Parra
L. Schoening
S. Shuler

The following students have a goal of taking their Syllabus exam (Upper Division) on April 24-27:

C. Hamilton
M. Logan

If your child’s name is on either of these lists, I strongly encourage you to take piano lessons in December. There is plenty of material to cover for the Syllabus exam, which is comprehensive and quite challenging. Extra lesson time would be advantageous to your child. Note that taking lessons in December does not guarantee that you will be ready to take the test by March, but it is helpful. Please see the post below for info about taking lessons in December.

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