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No lessons Friday, November 7

The Oregon Music Teachers Association will be using my studio to host local Syllabus evaluations on Friday, November 7, so there will be NO LESSONS that day.

As a result, I am holding make-up lessons for Friday students on Sunday, November 9 from 1 – 5 p.m. If you normally have lessons on Fridays, please contact me ASAP to schedule a make-up lesson time on Sunday, November 9. Thanks!

This year, my students will be divided into two holiday recitals, which will be held at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday, December 6. The 1 p.m. recital will take place at Treehouse Hall (a map is on page 2) in Northern Hillsboro; the 3 p.m. recital will be held in the meeting room of the Hillsboro Public Library on Brookwood Avenue. Rehearsal for both recitals will be held November 22. See the September 8 post below for information about rehearsal.

I am holding two shows in order to stay within the 90-person capacity limit at each performance venue. Those who attended the Spring 2008 Recital at Treehouse Hall may recall that the space was packed to capacity, with a handful of people left standing. Because I would like all of you to feel free to bring as many friends/relatives as you wish, I am holding two small recitals instead of one large recital.

Your child(ren) will only be playing in one of the recitals, but if you would like to attend both, you are welcome to do so. I will be randomly assigning an equal number of students to perform at each recital venue so that each audience will have the opportunity to see a mix of skill levels perform, from beginning to advanced.

New students (those who have only been with me since August/September 2008) may opt to wait until the Spring 2009 recital to give their first performance. All other students may expect to perform.

Students must dress nicely for their performance. Flash photography is not allowed during the students’ performances, but video is OK. If you would like a photo of your child at the piano, you may pose him/her there after the recital is over.

Fall 2008 Syllabus times announced

Syllabus evaluations (for participating students) will be held Friday, November 7, at my piano studio. You will need to make arrangements to pull your child out of school in order to take the exam. Plan on arriving 10 minutes earlier than the time shown so that your evaluation may begin on time. Please dress nicely and bring all your Syllabus music with you.

See the list below for your child’s scheduled evaluation time:

9 a.m.          D. Wang

9:20 a.m.     E. Birkeland

9:50 a.m.     F. Rahman

10:35 a.m.   D. Wellappili

11:05 a.m.   K. Wellappili

11:35 a.m.   S. Rogers

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